Why Should Mold Processing Be Automated?

First, the challenges facing medium and large enterprises today  The scale and number of equipment is huge  Old and new devices coexist  Gripper use is just starting – with increased precision  Software and IT are less expensive and slower than hardware  Hyper-high growth  Copy the successful model to other plants Second, the dilemma encountered by the mold factory now  Appearance and accuracy requirements are increased  The exchange period is shortened  High-end processing equipment must be used to meet the processing requirements  Equipment usage cannot be increased→ manufacturing costs are high  There is a shortage of labor, and the post-90s generation does not want to work in factories, let alone work night shifts  Frequent job hopping of personnel, difficulty in technology inheritance→ inefficiency  The scale is growing day by day, and management is difficult Third, the improvement of appearance and precision  The accuracy of programming software 5 years ago: 10 ~ 15 um, Today: 2 ~ 5um 5 years ago, the front cover of a wall-mounted air conditioner had to be polished in 2 days, and now: 1 day to reduce the polishing of the mold is the primary means to improve the appearance quality of the product Fourth, the exchange period is shortened When Gree Dajin built a new factory in 2009, the processing time of the mold was halved, and the processing time of a set of wall-mounted air conditioning molds: 30 days 5 years ago and 10 days or less today Fifth, the demographic dividend has reached an irreversible turning point in Louis Sixth, the benefits of mold processing automation  Every boss thinks about automation  Increase competitiveness  Processing efficiency, cost reduction  Shorter lead times  Improve quality  Reduce reliance on labor  Reduce labor  Reduce human variability and error  Improve corporate image Seventh, why do you want to engage in automation  Basically, he has to look at the return on investment Return of Investment (ROI), how many years does Dehua earn back the money invested, for example, he invested 500,000 to buy every month, from this investment, he earned 15,000, and earned 180,000 a year, so his return on investment is: 50/18 = 2.78 years, most bosses, look at ROI < 2 years, 1.5 years ROI, it is easy to convince the boss, 2 years ROI is a little difficult to > 2 years general mountain is unlikely, unless it is a foreign-owned factory 8. How to calculate this account  For example, the boss is considering investing in a robot for automation – 1 spark machine + 1 machining center, the total price of automation is 800,000, how does he calculate the ROI? Hourly machining cost and throughput of existing machine tools EDM = 80 55% VMC = 110 65% After the implementation of automation, the operating rate of the machine can be provided: EDM = 55% 95% 40% VMC = 65% 95% 30% of the extra machining time EDM = 40% = 9.6 hours x RMB 80 / hour = RMB 768 VMC = 30% = 7.2 hours x RMB 110 / hour = RMB 792 assumes that these machines can work 350 days a year, and at the end of the year his recycling: (768 + 792) x 350 = 546,000 Return on investment: 800,000 / 546,000 = 1.47 years

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