What are the ways to judge the quality of extrusion molds?

The use of extrusion mold is also very common, if in use, the selection does not pay attention to the quality of the quality, will seriously affect the normal use of the extrusion mold, in order to make the mold get a good use, the following provides a specific way to judge the quality of the extrusion mold. First, look at the thickness of this mold, although the mold does not need to be used too vigorously or other harsh environments, but because of the repeated mold demolding, the mold is very easy to lose, deform, destroy, and the fundamental way to solve this problem is to thicken the thickness of the mold, so look at the thickness can clearly distinguish the grade of the mold. Second, see whether the specifications of the extrusion mold are standard, a good mold can control the size of the extruded plastic product produced in the error of a few tenths of a millimeter, and the inferior mold often produces a product error of several millimeters or even a few centimeters. Third, look at the material and workmanship of the entire mold, a good mold should be very smooth inside and outside, look shiny, and feel slightly moist and sinking, inferior molds may have burrs or potholes on the surface, and the comparison between the two is immediate.

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